Frequently Asked Questions


Must one know how to swim ?

  • Yes, all participants must be able to swim 25 m and immerse themselves.
  • Our life-jackets are floating aids, you must be physically and mentally capable of reacting to the unexpected.

Can one bring a child ?

  • Yes, if he/she is at least 7 years old and can swim and immerse him/herself.

What to wear ?

  • Light and quick-drying sportswear.
  • For hygienic reasons, please bring a t-shirt to wear under the safety vest.
  • Obligatory laced or closed footwear ( trainers, water-shoes).
  • Depending on the weather, do not forget sun-protection (sun-cream, sun-glasses with a cord, hat etc), as well as a sweatshirt and windcheater.
  • Do not forget a change of clothes on arrival.

What to bring along ?

  • Picnic or snack.
  • Water (minimum 1 litre per person).
  • Mosquito repellant for bivouacs.
  • We advise against bringing valuable objects,(video-recorders, cameras…) as containers are not guaranteed totally water-proof.
  • Rand’Eau Loisirs disclaims responsibility for loss or damage to personal objects stowed in our containers.

Can one stop anywhere ?

  • Depending on the season and nesting-sites, we recommend suitable stop-offs.

Can one fish ?

  • Yes, with a specific permit on sale in Moissac.

Are there river-side restaurants or accommodation ?

  • Without being far from « civilisation » the river Garonne remains relatively wild.
  • Accommodation and restaurants are not common.
  • Bivouac areas and facilities are occasionally accessible.

Are dogs allowed ?

  • For the convenience of all participants and to avoid incident we have chosen not to accept pets in our vehicles and electric boats.

What happens when a storm breaks ?

  • Leave the water and find shelter.
  • The river-bed of the Garonne is wide and will not rise without several days of heavy rain.
  • In case of emergency numerous access-points can be used for vehicle pick-up.

Is a deposit required to rent equipment ?

Yes, in certain cases: :

  • Groups
  • Bike rental, rental of accessories.

If no deposit has been made, what happens if rented equipment is lost or damaged ?

  • You are legally responsible for the rented equipment as soon as you collect or take delivery for it.
  • You are responsible for any damage, theft or loss to the rented equipment and the accessories.
  • The rental contract stipulates that in case of unreturned, damaged or lost equipment you will be billed for new replacement at current catalogue prices.

Can one cancel in case of rain?

  • Your leisure activity is our concern, and we are aware that heavy rain is incompatible with your expectations. In case of a very bad weather forecast with no improvement predicted for the whole day, you may cancel your reservation.

Is river navigation difficult ?

  • The Tarn is classed as calm waters.
  • The Garonne is suitable for all ages, navigation is not difficult and no part of it is classed higher than Classe II.
    It retains its wild character, with no artificial obstacles. The banks are low with large gravel shallows bordered by willow (« saligues ») and varied brush (« ramiers »). The « Ramier de Bigorre » downstream from Seilh and the bird sanctuary at the confluence of the Tarn and the Garonne as well as the many backwaters are home to a remarkable variety of fauna.
  • You will be crossing protected sites, and you must respect the fauna and flora. Do not approach nesting sites. Bring all litter back with you.
    Respect local residents and other users of the sites (land-owners, fishermen, hikers…)

Your responsibilities.

  • You are legally reponsible for the rented equipment as soon as you pick up or take delivery of it. You are personally reponsible for all damage, theft or loss of this equipment.
  • You are required to display due diligence in protecting the equipment from theft. You are required to declare the theft or loss of rented equipment or accessories to Rand’eau Loisirs and police authorities before expiry of the rental contract and in all cases within 24 hours maximum.
  • Your deposit will then be cashed.
  • You are reposible for the rented leisure equipment concerning road safety regulations, private property regulations, and environmental regulations.
  • You may not sub-let or lend equipment without the express agreement of RL, and are considered resposible in all cases.
  • You are required to take good care of the rented equipment.
  • Rand’Eau Loisirs takes no reponsibility for damage or loss of personal possessions transported in our containers.

Am I covered by my insurance ?

  • Rand’Eau Loisirs has professional third-party insurance.
  • Rand’Eau Loisirs does NOT cover your own third-party insurance
  • Rand’Eau Loisirs advises you to take out third-party and individual accident insurance (in case of physical injury).

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